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Teen Driving

Have a teen who’s ready to get behind the wheel? Once your high schooler gets his or her license, life will definitely change. Whether you have a smooth or bumpy transition through this rite of passage, the process is bound to raise a couple of insurance-related questions:
Affordable Insurance

Does car insurance cost more for a teen?

Generally, yes. Auto insurance is based on risk, and statistically speaking, teen drivers are much likelier to get into an accident than other drivers. In fact, they are three times likelier to be in a crash than drivers aged 20 and older, according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention1. Because of this, it will generally be cheaper to add your teen to your auto insurance policy than to purchase a separate policy.
Lower Insurance Rate

Can my teen help to get a lower car insurance rate?

Yes! Whenever we see that a teen is responsible, we tend to reward this behavior with lower car insurance rates. Here are some things your teen can do to help get a lower auto insurance rate:
  • Get good grades – Good grades tend to correlate with responsible driving behaviors; that’s why we offer a discount for students who maintain at least a 3.0 grade point average*.
  • Keep a clean driving record – That means no accidents, no speeding tickets, etc.
  • Take an approved drivers education course. – Teens who graduate from licensing programs are associated with fewer teen fatalities and insurance claims, according to the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety2. Since these teens pose a lower risk, their car insurance rate will be lower.
  • Drive a safe car – If you or your teen is purchasing a car, make sure you pay attention to the type of car you buy. Typically, vehicles enhanced with safety and crash protection features will earn better car insurance rates.
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You bet! Find out what it would be like to add your teen to your auto insurance policy or to open a separate policy for your teen. Call 1-800-462-2123 for more.
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Teen Driving Safety

A teenager’s first six months of unsupervised driving are the most dangerous, according to two separate studies on teenage driving3. Steer your teenager in the right direction! If your teen is new to driving, please print out and share the following safety tips and warnings. The right tip could save a life.

Teen Driving Risk Factors
Learn what risk factors could affect your teen behind the wheel. National General Insurance offers these tips to improve your teen safety on the road.
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Tips on Teenage Driving
The first six months of driving unsupervised are critical for your teen. Share these teen driving tips from National General Insurance that will help keep your high schooler safe on the road.
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*Discount not available in all states. Check with your local National General Insurance agent for details.
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