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Teen Driving

Passing the driving test can mean different things to parents and the new teen driver. For the teenager, freedom, fun, and a measure of independence come with the new driver’s license. But for parents, the new license means new demands on the family automobile, a possible new car purchase, and additional insurance premium. The bittersweet feeling of seeing a child move into this new phase of life inevitably includes the concern over whether an excited teenager recognizes the big responsibility they assume when they get behind the wheel.
At National General Insurance, safety is our primary concern during this exciting time of change, especially since the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety reports that the crash rate per mile for 16-19 year olds is four times greater than the crash rate for older drivers. The likelihood of a crash for every mile driven is twice as high for 16 year olds as it is for 18- or 19-year-old drivers.1
Gaining driving experience is critical to increasing safety, and the period of greatest risk for teenagers is during the first 500 miles of driving.2 So please take a few moments to get informed about Teen Driving Risk Factors and review some Teen Driving Tips that could mean the difference between life and death.

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