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National General Insurance Low-Mileage Discount

Pay for what you use and nothing more.
Would you buy a whole pizza if you only wanted a slice?
Common sense says to only use what you need - and only pay for what you use. That's the thinking behind the National General Insurance Low-Mileage Discount, where those who drive less, save more on their auto insurance. Whatever the reason for hitting the road less often, National General Insurance can reward you for something you're already doing.
The less you drive, the more you save - up to 54%* a year on your auto insurance premiums.
Drive Less, Save More with the National General Insurance Low-Mileage Discount
The National General Insurance Low-Mileage Discount is a groundbreaking Pay-As-You-Go insurance program offered to OnStar subscribers in 35 states. In fact, National General Insurance and Onstar are the first to institute a telematics technology-driven Pay-As-You-Go insurance discount program in the U.S.
If you're an active OnStar subscriber with OnStar Vehicle Diagnostics and you drive less than 15,000 miles a year, you may qualify for the National General Insurance Low-Mileage Discount. Eligible participants simply opt-in to receive an insurance discount using tiers corresponding to the number of miles driven.*
Low Mileage Discount chart
How it Works
The best part is, we'll do all the work for you. Simply opt in to the program, and start saving.
We'll confirm your mileage based on your OnStar Vehicle Diagnostics reports - no additional data is gathered or used for any purpose. Based on those readings, we apply your insurance discount using the Low-Mileage Discount tiers corresponding to miles driven, and you start saving. There's no penalty for driving more than 15,000 miles - in fact, you still get a discount simply for having an active OnStar subscription.
Start Saving Now
More than 30,000 customers are saving more with the National General Insurance Low-Mileage Discount. Are you one of them? Start saving now. Get a quote online or call 1-888-346-1071 for a quote.
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Save on auto insurance with National General Insurance's Low Mileage Discount offered exclusively to OnStar Subscribers.
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